What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Fitting a healthy diet and exercise routine around a hectic modern lifestyle can be extremely difficult. For many people, weight loss supplements are the perfect solution, as they offer a both easy and effective way to lose weight. One of the most recently discovered dieting aids is green coffee bean extract, and unlike many supplements on the market it has proven clinical evidence to back up its claims.

Where does the Green Coffee Bean Extract Come from?

The extract is taken from regular coffee beans before they have been roasted, because the roasting process destroys much of the active ingredient – chlorogenic acid. It is this chlorogenic acid, combined with the bean’s naturally high levels of caffeine, that causes such rapid weight loss results.

Green Coffee Bean

How does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

The various chemicals found in the supplement have several body fat reducing effects:

  • Lower calorie absorption – Chemicals within the Pure Green Coffee Extract bind to certain fat compounds and prevent them from being absorbed by the intestines. This means that the bean lowers overall fat absorption. It also inhibits the release of glucose into the blood.
  • Increases body temperature – Chlorogenic acid is known to increase body temperature. The body burns fat to produce this temperature increase.
  • Reduces fat cells – The extract’s very high levels of antioxidants reduce the body’s ability to generate new fat cells.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Clinical Trials

Several studies have been carried out to analyze the effect of the extract on human weight loss. One double blind, placebo controlled trial found that significant and rapid results were possible with little or no change to diet or exercise.

At least 16 over weight individuals were put on an eating regime of around 2,400 calories a day and they expended 400 calories of energy from exercise. In normal conditions this is not nearly enough to cause noticeable weight loss. However, after just 22 weeks of taking green coffee bean extract each day they were on average 17 pounds lighter. Compared to many other supplements these results are quite startling.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Health Benefits

The green coffee extract’s main use is fat loss, but it also has several other health benefits.

  • Its high antioxidant level reduces the amount of cancer causing free radicals in the body.
  • The Chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans has been shown to lower several chemicals within the blood that are indicators of cardiovascular disease.
  • Chlorogenic acid cuts cholesterol and lowers blood pressure which reduces your risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke.
  • Chlorogenic acid supports healthy blood sugar levels. This means that people who take the supplement on a regular basis will be less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Green Coffee Bean Benefits

Following the promising clinical evidence, many supplements have flooded the market that use green coffee bean extract for weight loss. However, some of these contain only a small amount of the necessary ingredients. For the best results you should try to find a supplement that is made of 100% pure green coffee bean extract and no other additives.